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My name's Sinjun. I've been a photographer since I was 16, and I started shooting videos and movies at 19.  Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by the language of cinema and the composed image. Cinematography allows me to express myself more purely than words do. Films like Blade Runner and the work of Kubrick were what inspired me then and continue to now. Fiction and nonfiction films are important in opening people up to different perspectives and ways of life - there's always something new to see and discover.

I primarily use a Panasonic GH5s in 4k & a Canon 5d Mark III. I have extensive experience with the Canon C300 Mk II, RED Epic & Scarlet Weapon, as well as the ARRI Alexa. 

Iā€™m also a photographer with 10+ years of experience, as well as a video editor and photo editor using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.